Chingra Pagar Waterfall in Gariaband: A Must-See Destination for Travelers

Chingra Pagar Waterfall

Tucked away near Baruka village, close to Gariyaband in Chhattisgarh, lies the captivating Chingra Pagar Waterfall. This lesser-known natural wonder is a testament to the mesmerizing beauty of the region, offering an enchanting escape for those who seek to explore the untamed wilderness.

Chingra Pagar Waterfall is located near Baruka village, accessible after taking a left turn towards Gariyaband from Rajim. The journey to this hidden gem takes travelers through dense forests, immersing them in the tranquility of nature's embrace.

This famous waterfall comes to life exclusively during the rainy season when the surrounding landscape is rejuvenated by heavy rainfall. As the rain pours down, the waterfall springs to life, cascading gracefully down the rocky cliffs, creating a spectacle of natural beauty.

Chingra Pagar Waterfall Gariaband

Chingra Pagar Waterfall Gariaband

During periods of intense rainfall, the water fills the nearby paths, adding to the allure of this enchanting destination. Standing at an approximate height of 110 feet, Chingra Pagar Waterfall commands attention with its towering cascade. 

For adventurers and nature enthusiasts, Chingra Pagar Waterfall Gariaband presents an opportunity to immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world. The journey to the waterfall is an adventure in itself, with the path leading through dense forests and rugged terrain. 

The remote setting and impressive height of this waterfall beckon exploration and admiration. Whether you are admiring its flowing waters or immersing yourself in the nearby wilderness, a trip to Chingra Pagar guarantees a memorable experience that showcases the natural beauty of Chhattisgarh's landscape.

How to Reach How to Reach

  1. Plane-

    By flight, you can fly to Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, which is the nearest airport to Gariyaband.

  2. Train-

    Rajim and Raipur junction railway station is the nearest railway station to Chingra Pagar Waterfall.

  3. Bus-

    You can book or rent a bike and taxi to reach Chingra Pagar Waterfall from Gariyaband or nearby.

Near By Nearby the Visiting Places

  1. Gajpalla Waterfall - 10 Km from the Chingra Pagar waterfall.
  2. Bhuteshwar Mahadev - 18 Km from Chingra Pagar waterfall.

Distance Distance

  1. Rajim To Chingra Pagar Distance - 35Km.

  2. Chingra Pagar Waterfall Distance From Raipur - 84Km.

  3. Chingra Pagar Waterfall Distance From Durg - 118Km.

  4. Chingra Pagar Waterfall Distance From Bhilai - 113Km.

Stays Stays

Rooms available in Gariyaband.

Adventure Activity - What Should You Do ?

  1. ⭐ Showering in waterfall.

Foods Availability of foods

No ❌

Question and Answere

1. What are some famous waterfalls in Gariyaband?

Some well-known waterfalls are Ghatarani Jatmai, Gajpalla Waterfall, and Chingra Pagar, among others.

2. What safety precautions should be taken when visiting waterfalls?

Visitors should exercise caution when approaching waterfalls, as the terrain can be slippery and the currents strong. It's essential to stay on designated paths, obey warning signs, and avoid climbing on rocks near the edge of the falls to prevent accidents.

3. How are waterfalls formed?

Waterfalls are typically formed when a river or stream flows over a layer of resistant rock and softer rock below. The softer rock erodes more quickly, creating a steep drop or cliff over which the water cascades.


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