Mutte Khadka Waterfall: Natures Masterpiece in the wilderness

Mutte Khadka Waterfall

Unlike popular tourist spots, Mutte Khadka Waterfall remains unspoiled and retains its pristine charm. The journey to reach the waterfall may require a bit of trekking and navigating through dense foliage, but the reward of witnessing this natural wonder makes every step worthwhile.

Located near Keshkal in the picturesque state of Chhattisgarh, Mutte Khadka Waterfall is a stunning attraction that should not be missed. Surrounded by a dense forest, this waterfall offers a tranquil ambiance, making it a perfect place to visit.

Mutte Khadka Waterfall

Muttekhadka Waterfall

Mutte Khadka Waterfall offers breathtaking views and a chance to connect with nature. Visitors can spend an entire day exploring the beauty of Mutte Khadka, immersing themselves in the tranquil atmosphere and enjoying the therapeutic sound of the roaring waterfall.

Chhattisgarh is known for its abundant natural beauty, and this waterfall is testimony to that. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, a visit to Mutte Khadka Waterfall will surely leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Make sure to include these enchanting waterfalls in your itinerary when exploring the tourist attractions of Chhattisgarh. Experience the wonder of Mutte Khadka Waterfall and the family-friendly ambiance of Mutte Khadka Waterfall – treasures hidden amidst the scenic beauty of Keshkal.

How to Reach How to Reach

  1. Plane-

    The region is conveniently served by two primary airports, namely Raipur Airport and Jagdalpur Airport. After that, you need to book a train, or bus, or rent a vehicle to reach your destination.

  2. Train-

    Nearest Railway Station Are Dhamtari And Dalli-Rajhara.

  3. Bus-

    The best way of transport options for travelers to reach their destination are either by bus or by their own vehicles. Both options offer distinct advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the individual's preferences and circumstances.

Near By Nearby the Visiting Places

  1. Kuyemari Waterfall - 6km from Mutte Khadka Waterfall.
  2. Honhed Waterfall - 12km from Mutte Khadka Waterfall.

Distance Distance

  1. Keshkal To Mutte Khadka Waterfall Distance - 26Km.

  2. Dhamtari To Keshkal Distance - 92Km.

  3. Jagdalpur To Keshkal Distance - 132Km.

  4. Bhilai to Keshkal Distance- 152Km.

  5. Raipur To Keshkal Distance - 172Km.

Stays Stays

Book a Hotel, PG Or Resort In Keshkal or Nearby Places you can find easily. Also you can pre-book hotels through Online.

Adventure Activity - What Should You Do ?

  1. ⭐ Showering in Waterfall, Hiking.

Foods Availability of foods

No ❌

Question and Answere

1. Where is Mutte-Khadka Waterfall located?

Mutte-Khadka Waterfall is situated in the picturesque state of Chhattisgarh, India. Specifically, it is located in the Kondagaon district of Chhattisgarh. If you plan to visit Chhattisgarh, don't miss the opportunity to explore the Keshkal.

2. How Much Time It Would Take To Visit Keshkal?

2 days is sufficient but also note that the time it would take to visit Keshkal depends on various factors such as the mode of transportation, distance, traffic conditions, and the activities planned during the visit. On average, if you are traveling by car, it may take approximately 3-4 hours to reach Keshkal from a nearby major city. However, this estimate can vary based on your starting point and specific travel circumstances. It's advisable to plan your journey considering these factors to e


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