Kendai Waterfall Korba Tourist Spot

Kendai Waterfall

Kendai, a picturesque village hidden in the mist near Korba, is known for its exquisite natural beauty. Kendai waterfall stands as a prominent attraction, capturing the hearts of visitors with its mesmerizing presence with a remarkable height of 75 feet.

Undoubtedly, Kendai Waterfall ranks among the finest picnic spots one can encounter. Its pristine surroundings offer a sanctuary of tranquility amidst a lush natural landscape, adorned with towering mountains and flourishing trees.

Kendai Waterfall Korba

kendai waterfall

Kendai, with its charming village ambiance, a magnificent waterfall, majestic mountains, and flourishing trees, truly embodies the essence of a nature paradise.

The towering mountains serve as silent sentinels, guarding the tranquil beauty of the area. These majestic peaks seem to touch the heavens, while the lush vegetation that blankets the slopes creates a boundless canopy, providing shade and a sense of communion with nature.

As you venture closer, the melodious sound of rushing water greets your ears, drawing you toward the heart of this natural marvel. The Kendai Waterfall, with its cascading torrents descending 75 feet, presents a mesmerizing spectacle.

A visit to this haven will leave you in a calm mood by Mother Nature and remind you of the profound connection we share with the natural world.

In this place resplendent with mountains and teeming with lush green trees, nature reigns supreme. Its unrivaled beauty holds the power to ignite a sense of love and wonder within the hearts of all who visit Kendai waterfalls.

How to Reach How to Reach

  1. Plane-

    Nearest Airport is Raipur Then You Can Take A Bus Or Train To Reach Korba.

  2. Train-

    Nearest Railway Station is Korba.

  3. Bus-

    Bus And Your Own Vehicles.

Near By Nearby the Visiting Places

  1. Rani Jharna - 72km from Kendai Waterfall.
  2. Satrenga - 79km from Kendai Waterfall.

Distance Distance

  1. Korba To Kendai Distance - 84Km.

  2. Bilaspur To Korba Distance - 88Km.

  3. Raipur To Korba Distance - 204Km.

Stays Stays

Book Hotel Or PG In Korba Easily Available.

Adventure Activity - What Should You Do ?

  1. ⭐ Hiking.

Foods Availability of foods

No ❌


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