Exploring the Serenity of Botal Dhara Waterfall in Gariyaband

Botal Dhara Waterfall

The Botal Dhara Waterfall in Gariyaband district, Chhattisgarh is a hidden gem that nature enthusiasts and adventurers are waiting to discover. With its captivating beauty and tranquil surroundings, this pristine waterfall offers a perfect blend.

Gariyaband is approximately 90 kilometers from the state capital, Raipur. The journey to this natural wonder is as enchanting as the destination, with scenic views of lush green forests and rolling hills.

The area around Botal Dhara is rich in flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. The sound of the water, birds chirping, and leaves rustling create a symphony that soothes the soul.

Botaldhara Waterfall

Botal Dhara Waterfall Photos

Exploring the dense wilderness of this forest, where wild animals freely roam, requires a heightened sense of awareness and caution on behalf of any visitor. The vast expanse of the forest teems with a diverse array of wildlife. 

To safely navigate this untamed environment and fully appreciate its wonders, it is strongly advisable to enlist the expertise of a knowledgeable local guide. These experienced guides possess a profound understanding of the terrain and the behaviors of the resident animals, ensuring a secure and enlightening journey through the heart of the wilderness.

The surrounding forest provides ample shade, making it an ideal spot for picnics and relaxation. To make the most of your trip to Botal Dhara Waterfall, it is advisable to visit during the monsoon or post-monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak, and the surrounding greenery is most vibrant.

How to Reach How to Reach

  1. Plane-

    By flight, you can fly to Swami Vivekananda Airport in Raipur, which is the nearest airport to Gariyaband.

  2. Train-

    Rajim and Raipur junction railway station is the nearest railway station.

  3. Bus-

    You can book or rent a bike and taxi from Gariaband.

Near By Nearby the Visiting Places

  1. Sikaser Dam - 37 Km from Botal Dhara Waterfall.
  2. Udanti Sitanadi Tiger Reserve - 22 Km from Botal Dhara Waterfall.

Distance Distance

  1. Botal Dhara Waterfall Distance From Sihawa - 50Km.

  2. Botal Dhara Waterfall Distance From Jatmai Ghatarani - 79Km.

Stays Stays

Rooms available in Gariyaband.

Adventure Activity - What Should You Do ?

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Foods Availability of foods

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Question and Answere

1. How to reach Botal Dhara Waterfall?

To reach Botal Dhara Waterfall you go Mainpur Khurd from Gariyaband.

2. Is Botal Dhara Waterfall for all season?

No, this waterfall is made of rainwater you should visit only in the monsoon and post-monsoon seasons.


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